The Nemertes UC Cost Analysis Tool

Get customized cost data to help you select a UC architecture and provider. This interactive, online tool compares the costs of on-premises and cloud UC, by vendor, based on Nemertes’ real-world research data.

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Latest Research

Digital Customer Experience: 2018-19 Research Study

A detailed global study examining how digital transformation is changing customer experience and engagement The study covers success metrics, organizational

Blending On-Prem and Cloud for Digital Transformation

Executive Summary Digital transformation is driving organizations to rapidly consider, and in many cases adopt new technologies to improve internal

Shrinking the Stack with the New SDN: Automate, centralize control, and shed some unsightly pounds of network gear

Executive Summary Software Defined Networking (SDN), with a shift to focusing on programmability and the virtualization of networks, network functions,

Visual Communications and Collaboration: 2018 Research Study

The Nemertes 2018-19 Visual Communications and Collaboration study captures insight into enterprise adoption and successful strategies for the following: -

The New Secure Virtualized Network: Software definition and zero trust are reshaping both networking and security. Here’s how.

Executive Summary Both wide-area networking and cybersecurity are undergoing major paradigm shifts In the wide area, companies are increasingly deploying

Collaboration Apps Drive Efficiency: Workers gain 7.8 hours of weekly productivity using tools

Executive Summary As humans, we always want to improve, whether it’s driving the next big innovation or simply figuring out

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Slack and Atlassian together may not conquer team collaboration, but they will strengthen their ability to support application developers. Read ...
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Simplifying UCC Costs: Try Nemertes’ Tool

Budgets increasing as UCC continues to provide value throughout organizations Change is the only constant with unified communications and collaboration ...
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5 Tips for Videoconferencing Success

Is the long-awaited "age of videoconferencing" finally upon us? YES! Many organizations struggle with how best to roll out and ...
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Upcoming Webinar – The Business of Connecting – WAN Economics: Carrier Rates and SD-WAN

August 29, 2018 11am ET Register here The WAN is the central nervous system of the enterprise, and is in ...
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Upcoming Webinar – Best Practices for Protecting Enterprise Data

August 28, 2018 5pm ET Register here Thanks to cloud computing, the proliferation of endpoints, the emergence of new technologies ...
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Upcoming Webinar – DCX Series [Ep. 2]: How to Capitalize on Digital Customer Experience

August 23, 2018 11am ET Register here Nemertes recently completed an extensive research project evaluating how companies are transforming their ...
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