3 Ways to Shore Up Third-Party Risk Management Programs

3 Ways to Shore Up Third-Party Risk Management Programs

A new Nemertes survey shows enterprises need to adopt third-party risk management programs that jettison manual checklists in favor of automated tools, hands-on risk assessments and dedicated risk teams.

It’s hardly news that the enterprise technology paradigm has shifted from on premises to cloud plus mobile. According to Nemertes Research, this is the year the majority of workloads will be in the cloud versus in on-premises data centers.

More broadly, technology is moving from physical (servers and data centers) to virtual (virtual machines, containers and public or private cloud services). In addition, supply chains are increasingly global and opaque, which means an enterprise has less and less insight into where its products and services originate or whose hands they pass through before arriving.

All of this changes the game for cybersecurity professionals and nowhere more than in the practice of third-party risk management programs and the best practices they should include.

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