Johna Till Johnson

Engineer. Researcher. Adventurer. Storyteller.

CEO + Founder

Focus Areas: IoT, Cybersecurity, Enterprise technology, IT organization and operations, innovation, testing methodology and design, blockchain, quantum computing, emerging technologies


Implemented free-space laser error-correcting coding technology at the Johns Hopkins University. Developed liquid-argon calorimeter and used Monte Carlo simulation for detection system design for particle physics experiments at the University of Rochester. Designed speech-synthesis hardware for Digitus Corp. Wrote embedded systems software for financial security systems for Mosler Security Systems. Developed and ran lab-testing programs for Data Communications Magazine and Greenwich Technology Corporation,a global consulting and engineering firm.


Accepted into PhD program for particle physics at the University of Rochester. Ran the Global Networking Strategies Service at the META Group, a global research and advisory firm. Leads research strategy at Nemertes.


Traveled across Europe as college student during the Cold War. Thru-hiked the 100-mile West Highland Way in Scotland. Kayak circumnavigations of Manhattan (30+ times) Staten Island (4 times) and Long Island once. Solo kayak camped for 8 days in 10,000 Islands and for 3-day, 100-mile kayak trip from Hudson to Yonkers. Completed 300-mile Everglades Challenge unsupported sea race twice (by kayak and inflatable sailboat). During Covid-19 sheltered at sea on 27-ft trimaran (Corsair-27). gies Service at the META Group, a global research and advisory firm. Leads research strategy at Nemertes.


Articles and reports on technology have been cited or published in: Defense Tactical Information Center (DTIC), IEEE Spectrum, Naval Postgraduate School (Monterey, California), Wall St Technology (WSTA), Data Communications Magazine, Business Communications Review, Electronic Design Magazine, PC Today, Computer World, Network World, and TechTarget. Currently has roughly total of 30,000 subscribers for videos, webinars, and written pieces on BrightTalk, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Sold science fiction novel and short story.


BSEE The Johns Hopkins University; PhD program in Physics, University of Rochester; Design Engineer at Digitus Corp and Mosler Security Systems; Senior Technology Editor, Data