Nancy Kleinrock

Sustainer. Synthesist/Knitter. Analyzer. Organizer.

Content Director, Nemertes [Next] + Nemertes [Next] Board Member


As an integral part of the TTI/Vanguard advanced technology membership for senior-level executives, I attended all 125 of their conferences, penning detailed summaries for every presentation—nearly 2000! As this company reached the end of its run, I teamed up with Nemertes to carry the conference series forward as Nemertes [Next]. At Cornell, I taught undergraduate and graduate physical chemistry for many years. Separately, my love of long-distance running leads me to race distances up to 70.5 miles. At age 50, I raced the mile in 5:43 and won a 50-mile race in under 8 hours—both personal bests.


I astutely knit together concepts from diverse talks and articles into a bi-weekly newsletter. I structure every conference into sub-themes and arrange content to create a coherent flow, emphasizing synergistic or contrasting elements to spur conversation. And I knit, literally: blankets (some with labyrinths, op-art cubes, or intricate lace), sweaters (often with a potpourri of cables), scarves, slippers, dresses, and dolls. For me, it’s as much about the journey as it is about the final product, learning something new with each project.


Throughout my decades of summarizing technical talks, I pulled them apart and did independent research before putting them back together to tell stories that made sense. On several occasions, speakers expressed that I had written about the talk they meant to give. Perhaps due to my scientific training—or perhaps I pursued science because of my natural inclinations—I look at most things from multiple angles, searching for holes in arguments or alternative explanations. My goal is to explore the scope of the possible.


I identify and guide speakers and organize the agenda of each conference into a meaningful flow. For a decade, I have devised field trips to multiple research labs for dozens of visitors to tour during a single afternoon, organizing people, content, logistics, and food. Having served on my running club’s board, I now direct a trail marathon, which entails conceiving and marking the off-road course, knitting(!) finisher awards, and organizing volunteers, food, permits, etc. Closer to home, I visit approximately 70 neighbors several times each election cycle with information and field questions. Independently, I organize an annual neighborhood picnic where neighbors can (re)connect and forge bonds.


Education: BA in Chemistry, magna cum laude, University of California, San Diego, with minors in Math and Drama; Master’s in Physical Chemistry from Cornell University; Certificate from SUNY Cortland in Secondary Teaching of Mathematics and Physical Sciences

Honors: Sage Graduate Fellowship in recognition of academic excellence; Debye Teaching Award in recognition of excellence as graduate teaching assistant; Debye Fellowship for exceptional first-year student in chemistry (all from Cornell)