ALT for AI Deployment Optimization (ALT-AID)

Hone your ability to make quick, effective decisions in complex deployment scenarios and succeed in getting business value from AI

What It Is

This structured series of 1-5 consulting workshops focuses on strengthening your team’s ability to make quick, effective decisions as they try to wring value out of the enormously promising world of AI tools.

Participants, in small teams designed to expose them to other’s ways of thinking, work through scenarios to which they must quickly develop a response. Nemertes then leads each team through presenting its decision and decision-making, moderating questions by other teams. After all have presented, the facilitator leads a comprehensive review of the responses (an “after action review”), asking everyone to note key facts and assumptions and which were most important. Through repetition with different scenarios we reinforce learning and build new habits of thought and action.

Our tabletop exercises focus participants on understanding organizational goals, evaluating options, and recognizing success. Teams that incorporate ALT develop an adaptive, data-driven culture that enables them to continuously, measurably improve their operational performance.

“ALT builds practical applications to the decision-making process which can be put into action immediately. Absolutely awesome.”
—IT Director at a global think tank

What You Get

Develop and strengthen key leadership and communication capabilities in IT professionals and leaders at all levels. Participants come away with enhanced abilities in:

  • Real-world application of critical, time-based decision-making in routine and crisis scenarios
  • Decision-making and stress management in tense and ambiguous situations
  • Effective self-evaluation, providing positive and constructive feedback, and the ability to lead others to do the same
  • Participants can join weekly online interactive ALT Graduate Seminars to continue honing their skills with their peers and Nemertes instructors

Why Nemertes?

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