Are You Obsessed With Digital Customer Experience? Here’s Why You Should Be

Are You Obsessed With Digital Customer Experience? Here’s Why You Should Be

The focus on customers is more intense than ever—and for good reason.

External customers (consumers of products, patients, students, investors, etc.) can wield more influence than any advertising campaign or marketing program, thanks to social media, mobile messaging, and Web-based ratings. Happy customers can make a company as much as disgruntled ones can break it.

At the same time, a company’s internal customers (employees, contractors, partners) influence or directly affect the customer experience. Customer service agents who have real-time and historical information about the customer can serve them efficiently and intuitively, earning five-star ratings.

Those ratings, in turn, result in more business from that customer and others who rely upon such feedback to make decisions on where to spend their money.

It’s no surprise, then, that executives are devoting resources toward improving the Digital Customer Experience (DCX). Reputation management has become a crucial piece of any organization’s marketing strategy. That management becomes much easier with targeted technology initiatives that aim to improve business metrics associated with DCX.

Devoting resources to DCX is a wise move, according to Nemertes’ 2018-19 Digital Customer Experience research study of 697 IT and business leaders across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. …

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