Automated Provisioning Can Make or Break Your Contact Center

Automated Provisioning Can Make or Break Your Contact Center

Digital Customer Experience (DCX) efforts enables organizations to provide new means of engagement including via mobile apps, chat, virtual and augmented reality, and by using AI to improve engagement routing and response. As organizations invest heavily into DCX strategies, they are bolstering their contact center technologies to improve both customer and employee engagement.

Contact center providers are investing heavily in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a variety of analytics capabilities to deliver more automation and information to reduce costs, increase revenue, and boost customer success ratings.

Given the core role of contact centers to high-profile DCX strategies and initiatives, it’s vital to have a rock-solid administration management tool. Because organizations often use multiple providers for UC and contact center, they may wind up with multiple provisioning tools that do not integrate—potentially increasing the length of time to provision new users, bots, or apps.

When evaluating provisioning providers, assess which vendors and technologies they support. The more they support, the lower the cost and easier the management becomes.

The main changing trends

In our research, we see several changing trends in how organizations are using communications and collaboration capabilities in DCX, including the following:

  • Organizations are integrating Unified Communications (UC) capabilities such as calling, instant messaging, and videoconferencing into their contact centers. By doing so, front-line agents are more easily able to engage with back-office resources to quickly obtain necessary information to respond to a customer inquiry, sales opportunity, or service request. As UC and contact center merge
  • Automated provisioning and management of moves, adds, and changes, gets people online faster to deliver value by eliminating manual steps required to configure user account information such as phone numbers or extensions
  • Moving forward, companies will extend their team/workstream collaboration tools (i.e., Cisco Webex Teams, Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc.) to the contact center or even to external customer portals. Integrated provisioning tools will speed the value to customers by enabling automated configuration of agent accounts, as well as federation with customers

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