Can You Get to a Single Meeting App?

Can You Get to a Single Meeting App?

While standardizing on a single meeting app might be appealing, it will not eliminate the need to support alternative apps for external collaboration


Nearly 40% of organizations support more than one meeting application, according to Nemertes’ Workplace Collaboration: 2019-20 research study published in June 2019. It seems on the surface that the ideal scenario, in terms of minimizing cost and simplifying management, is to standardize on a single meeting application. However, preliminary data from our upcoming Visual Communications and Collaboration: 2020-21 research study shows that few enterprises that currently support more than one app are planning to consolidate to just one.

These data points beg two questions: Why do companies support more than one app? And if the trend will continue, what is the optimal operating model for supporting multiple apps?

Historically, our data tells us that companies support (or allow) more than one app for a variety of reasons, including:

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