Catalyst for Change- Digital Transformation Strategies Driving Network, Telecom Upgrades

Catalyst for Change- Digital Transformation Strategies Driving Network, Telecom Upgrades

Executive Summary

To benefit from the value of digital transformation, companies first are addressing their foundational communications infrastructures. That means replacing costly, old TDM with IP-based capabilities, as well as investing in Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC), which Nemertes Research has found is the leading technology correlating with success in digital transformation. Additionally, by moving to a cloud communications service, IT organizations can shift headcount from keep-the-lights-on functions to more strategic roles that ensure digital transformation success.

Only then can technologists bring to fruition the brilliant ideas that emerge from digital transformation initiatives—ideas like embedding sensors and apps into products, improving internal processes by digitizing inefficient paper processes, or bolstering customer experience through the use of video and Web Real Time Communications (WebRTC, an open-source project that embeds voice, text, and video capabilities in Web browsers). These efforts simply will not succeed if they’re relying upon aged infrastructure.

But convincing assertive and impatient business leaders that their great ideas may need to wait—albeit temporarily—is never an easy conversation. Today, 45% of companies still operate old TDM PBXs in some (or even all) of their locations, and among large organizations, that percentage climbs to 54%.[1] And although most organizations are evaluating cloud services for IP telephony and Unified Communications, the majority still operates on-premises systems.

Nemertes recently completed research focusing on digital transformation and enabling technologies. Learn how IT leaders are leveraging these initiatives to get funding and support for telecom and network upgrades.


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