Webinar Replay – IoT Series [Ep.3]: IoT Essentials — Selecting a Vendor

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Selecting a vendor partner (or partners) is one of the most critical decisions enterprises will make on their IoT journeys. The right partner makes all the difference: enterprises with top-ranked partners report greater success in generating revenue, cutting costs, and optimizing business processes via IoT. Who are the right providers? What are the critical factors [...]

Webinar Replay – IoT Series [Ep.2]: Current State — Maturity and Success

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Everybody knows IoT is the wave of the future. But what are successful organizations doing differently when it comes to their IoT initiatives? Are they saving more? Generating new revenue and lines of business? Or increasing operational efficiency and other metrics? This webinar unveils the secrets of top-performing companies when it comes to IoT initiatives. [...]

Nokia: No Longer Hiding Enterprise in Plain Sight

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Nokia is bringing enterprise services to the fore in a concerted effort to increase its reach (and revenues) outside its better known communications service provider markets. They want IoT, 5G, and SD-WAN to be their foot (feet?) in the enterprise door, creating opportunities to expand relationships into other spaces ranging from analytics solutions to edge [...]

Webinar Replay – Disruptive Technologies: A Quarterly Update

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Quantum computing. Quantum cryptography. What are they? Find out why vendors like IBM, Microsoft, Intel, and others are placing a bet on these technologies, and what they mean for enterprise technology. Join Nemertes' CEO and resident futurist Johna Till Johnson for a quarterly update on these disruptive technologies.

Webinar Replay – IoT Series [Ep.1]: Foundations — Architecture and Framework

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Everyone talks about IoT, and many organizations are implementing it and reaping the business benefits. But even those who have had IoT projects deployed for years may not have a comprehensive architecture and framework in place to help guide technology decisions and streamline operations. Nemertes CEO, Johna Till Johnson, reviews the IoT architecture and framework [...]

Webinar Replay – Top Five Myths About Securing IoT

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Securing IoT isn't exactly like securing any other aspect of your infrastructure--but neither is it entirely different. Most companies, even leading-edge ones, are just beginning to figure this out, and are still struggling with putting in place an IoT security architecture, best practices, and framework. This webinar separates the myths from the realities of securing [...]

Webinar Replay – Out of the Lab: Emerging Technologies

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You spend 110% of your workday solving problems for your company. But you also need to stay up to speed on emerging technologies, and how they'll change your job, and your company's business, in the next few years. Nemertes' "Out of the Lab" is your data feed from the future. You'll get tomorrow's headlines, today. [...]

Out of the Lab: First Tans, Now Storage: Spray-On Storage Holds Promise for IoT

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When we think about IoT, it's usually in terms of networks composed of computing devices and networks. But what about storage? Even the smallest of sensors and control points require storage, yet most IoT design neglects the need for local storage. Part of the reason: It's been expensive and difficult to embed storage into materials--until [...]

Accepting Input Now: 2018 Cybersecurity Maturity Model, Benchmark, and Next-Generation Technologies

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Like most engineers, I was a very weird kid. (I forget which science fiction writer put it perfectly: All of us who grew up to love science fiction were weird little boys, except for those of us who were weird little girls). I always wanted to understand how things worked, and if they worked, how [...]

Friday Finds: Four Companies For Improving DevOps

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Many companies are moving towards a DevOps model for developing and deploying software and infrastructure. DevOps is also a bellwether technology for organizations: Companies that have the most mature cloud and data center strategies are three times as likely to use DevOps as are companies overall. In our 2016/2017 Cloud and Data Center Benchmark and [...]