Customer Experience Metrics That Matter

Nearly 70% of organizations cite improving customer experience as their key business goal in their digital transformation projects.

But with any business goal, metrics are key to documenting success. Nemertes Digital Transformation Framework provides guidance. (See Figure below)

Four high-level steps help set the stage for a successful transformation:

  1. Start with identification of the business goal. In this case, the goal is to improve customer experience. Beyond the high-level goal, you will want to determine what specific use cases you will address. Where are there problems or opportunities, and how can you solve or address with a transformation initiative?
  2. Evaluate how you will achieve that goal. For customer experience, will you shorten response time? Provide information to help with a buying decision? Or perhaps create a community? In our research, 66% improved customer experience by shortening response time, 65% provided information to help with a buying decision, and 64% created a community.
  3. Analyze and select the technologies that will help you achieve that goal. With any advanced technologies, make sure the foundation (i.e, network, communications infrastructure, security, management and analytics, etc.) can support the new traffic and apps. And don’t forget, with any new technology comes process change, so address that with the appropriate training.
  4. Measure success. In order to do so, though, you need baseline figures for today. For example, If you’re measuring Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores, make sure you know where you are today so you can document the change over time.

In fact, the metrics are very important to due diligence on the initiative. If you don’t know where you have and have not improved, you’ll be shooting blind for further improvements to this and other transformation projects.

Top customer experience metrics include the following:

CSAT score

  • In-call or post-call reporting initiatives
  • Sentiment analysis, Customer Effort Score, rate your experience, Net Promoter Score, Transactional Net Promoter Score

Customer retention

  • Number of customers continuing relationship after an interaction

Number of customers

  • Change in number of customers specifically tied to one of these initiatives, or change in customer experience process
  • Before-and-after metrics; tie new customers to lead or experience source

Number of complaints

  • Change in number of customers specifically tied to a customer experience initiative, or change in customer experience process
  • Before-and-after metrics; tie new customers to lead or experience source

Sales improvement

  • Change in overall sales figures, tied to customer experience initiative, change in contact-center, or process
  • If customer experience is good, sales should be increasing

For further information on improving CX through digital transformation, watch this webcast:


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