Edge Computing: Not Just For Self-Driving Cars!

Edge Computing: Not Just For Self-Driving Cars!

As enterprises begin to embrace the idea of edge computing, all evaluations should begin with use cases. After all, the only reason to deploy resources on or near a remote location, as opposed to in a data center or in the cloud, is to meet stringent, use case-specific requirements.

The drivers that dominate typical edge computing use cases vary by industry. Typically, use cases that point IT toward an edge deployment revolve around one of three things:

  1. a need for low-latency responsiveness;
  2. a need for analysis of data sets that are too large to move to the data center or cloud fast enough or cheaply enough; and
  3. a need to replace traditional existing branch infrastructure to keep data local — for compliance reasons — or to provide resilient services, like for point-of-sale systems.

You can see the rest of this piece at SearchNetworking, here.

(Nemertes 2020-2021 IoT Research Study will shine more of a light on who is using edge for IoT, and for what parts of the IoT ecosystem.)

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