From Good to Great: Elevating the Agent Experience

From Good to Great: Elevating the Agent Experience

For years, high agent turnover rates have been one of the biggest problems facing contact center leaders.

Low pay, lack of promotions, or dealing with cranky customers day after day convinced all-too-many agents they needed to look for a different career.

In the past three years, though, things have improved. With turnover rates commonly in the 40%-to-50% range for years, rates dropped to 38% in 2017, and then even further, down to 28% in 2018, and now down to 21% in 2019.

What happened?

Customer power rose to unprecedented levels, thanks to the influence of social media and web-based ratings. A social media post could make or break a company.

Consequently, companies began hiring Chief Customer Officers (or similarly titled individuals who serve as the executive-level person responsible for the voice of the customer). More than 50% of successful companies have a CCO today.

The CCOs raised the visibility of the high agent turnover rates to the C-level executive team.

A big focus then became improving the agent experience in order to reduce turnover rates and improve the overall customer experience.

Simple changes, like pay raises and better coaching, helped improve the agent experience to “good.” Now, customer experience leaders and shifting to “great.” I reviewed the details of how companies are turning the agent experience from good to great:

What are successful companies doing?

  • Leveraging chatbots and other Artificial Intelligence-based technology to address basic customer questions
  • Hiring more skilled agents to handle more complex interactions
  • Paying agents more and providing performance-based bonuses
  • Providing a promotional path to keep them within the company
  • Using gamification to inspire a competitive spirit in the contact center
  • Analyzing agent performance data to provide better coaching

Join the webinar to hear more details and data points about these best practices for improving the agent experience.

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