Guiding a Safe Return to the Office

Guiding a Safe Return to the Office

IT service management platforms are an essential component of a safe return-to-the-office strategy.

Organizations wishing to bring workers back to the office in some fashion must account for a number of requirements to ensure health and safety. These include:

  1. Conducting a daily worker health check before allowing individuals to enter an office
  2. Assigning workers to a physical work location that may include a desktop computer or workstation, phone, and headset
  3. Tracking movement throughout the day to enable contact tracing should a worker be diagnosed with COVID-19 after they have been inside of an office
  4. Making available necessary group workspaces such as conference rooms and huddle spaces
  5. Managing air quality and cleaning schedules
  6. Accounting for potential entry of guests, contractors, and facilities and support staff

In addition, IT and business leaders are increasingly looking to leverage touchless technologies such as voice control of applications and devices, and/or proximity tools that allow, for example, configuring and controlling a video conferencing system from a personal smartphone.

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