Hybrid Multicloud Means All Clouds Delivering Like One Cloud

Hybrid Multicloud Means All Clouds Delivering Like One Cloud

Where the Work Is

Nemertes documented last year as the first year in which the majority of enterprise workloads ran in external cloud environments, with 27% in SaaS and 29% now in IaaS.

While these migrations tend to be one-way, out of the data center and into a cloud, they are not always smooth or successful. I wrote an article a few weeks back on “post-cloud-migration risks,” noting at the outset that  “[w]ork is still flowing from data centers into IaaS environments such as Google Cloud Platform, AWS and Microsoft Azure. Migrating a workload into a cloud environment is only part of the challenge and many risks attend the move. Some can be prevented and others prepared for. The following are five common post cloud migration risks that CIOs must consider today.”

See the rest of the article at SearchCIO, here.

And check out our suggestions for how to knit your various environments together into a unified, hybrid multicloud in our recent webinar, Out of Many, One.  It’s about process as well as technology, and about having the right positions defined as well.

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