IoT Infrastructure Architecture: Doing It Right

IoT Infrastructure Architecture: Doing It Right

When it comes to implementing IoT initiatives, tech leaders should internalize one key lesson: IoT infrastructure matters.

A growing number of organizations adopt IoT to achieve new goals and improve established processes, which testifies to the advantages that the technology can provide. More than two-thirds of organizations in Nemertes Research Group’s IoT Research Study 2019-2020 said they would implement IoT as of the end of 2019, and the remaining one-third considered tackling an IoT deployment in 2020 or later. Of those organizations moving forward with IoT, 68% were in proof-of-concept or early adoption stages.

But not all of those organizations are developing a consistent, common IoT infrastructure. Just 31% of organizations reported incorporating a standardized infrastructure; the remaining 69% are relying on an ad-hoc or siloed approach. However, having a standardized architecture correlates strongly with success. Based on an organization’s ability to achieve their stated goals, successful organizations are 34% more likely to have a standard IoT infrastructure architecture than not.

As with any new technology, getting started with IoT presents many challenges, starting with setting up IoT infrastructure. Many components make up IoT infrastructure, including hardware and management platforms. Even if not all parts are necessary to start an IoT deployment, many become critical later. Organizations should start by understanding the overarching basics and plan intelligently for future needs.

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