Is the quantum cryptopalypse coming for business data?

Is the quantum cryptopalypse coming for business data?

Tech Beyond the Hype Podcast

Air Date: November 8, 2023 | 33 minutes

Quantum computing will someday render conventional encryption futile. When? No one really knows. That’s because, despite being a relatively nascent area of technology, advancements in quantum computing are moving so fast that it’s impossible to know with any degree of certainty when this inevitability will occur.

In this episode, CEO of Nemertes Johna Till Johnson takes a deep-dive into the world of quantum computing. She explains the differences between quantum and conventional computing, the practical benefits and business applications of quantum, as well as some of the very real risks that this new field poses to modern-day business.

A master at demystifying complexity, Johna does a fantastic job at simplifying what for many of us feels like an inaccessibly technical area of computing. For this reason, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to get a better understanding of how quantum computing works and how it could impact the future of business.

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