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Achieving Agility with Cloud UC

Businesses are rapidly moving to the cloud for their communications and collaboration needs, especially when they want to deliver a

Navigating the Pathway to Cloud UC

Enterprise IT leaders increasingly want to adopt cloud-based unified communications and collaboration services to take advantage of their flexibility to

Optimal Cloud Operations

The debate is over Cloud won Virtually every organization is using some form of cloud and most are placing an

Still Cheaper, Faster, Better: Making the Business Case for SD-WAN in 2019

SD-WAN is a potential game-changer for wide area networking—on the same level as server virtualization has been for the data

Nemertes Research Roadmap

Nemertes conducts detailed, global research throughout the year The Research Roadmap provides a detailed look at topics planned for 2018-2019

Nemertes Research Roadmap 2018-2019

Nemertes conducts detailed, global research throughout the year The Research Roadmap provides a detailed look at topics planned for 2018-2019

Firewall, You’re Fired!

Most CISOs have heard about zero-trust security Leading-edge digital native organizations including Google have re-invented cybersecurity, and in the process

2019: The Year of SD-WAN

SD-WAN is experiencing explosive growth in interest as the technology, vendors, and service provider offerings all mature 2019 will be

Nemertes WAN Economics Research Study 2018-19

The WAN is the central nervous system of the enterprise, and is in a period of massive change: integration of

DCX Part 1: Building the Customer Framework – A taxonomy of technologies for accelerating customer experience

Delivering top-notch customer care is becoming more complex—and more vital—by the minute, with a plethora of technology options to address

The New Secure Virtualized Network – Part 2: Streamlining Complexity

Large data center environments accrete layers of solutions that overlap functionally over time Assessing the current solution set with an

Digital Customer Experience: 2018-19 Research Study

A detailed global study examining how digital transformation is changing customer experience and engagement The study covers success metrics, organizational

Blending On-Prem and Cloud for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is driving organizations to rapidly consider, and in many cases adopt new technologies to improve internal workflows, enhance

Shrinking the Stack with the New SDN: Automate, centralize control, and shed some unsightly pounds of network gear

Software Defined Networking (SDN), with a shift to focusing on programmability and the virtualization of networks, network functions, and appliances,

Visual Communications and Collaboration: 2018 Research Study

The Nemertes 2018-19 Visual Communications and Collaboration study captures insight into enterprise adoption and successful strategies for the following: -

The New Secure Virtualized Network: Software definition and zero trust are reshaping both networking and security. Here’s how.

Executive Summary Both wide-area networking and cybersecurity are undergoing major paradigm shifts In the wide area, companies are increasingly deploying

Collaboration Apps Drive Efficiency: Workers gain 7.8 hours of weekly productivity using tools

Executive Summary As humans, we always want to improve, whether it’s driving the next big innovation or simply figuring out

Blockchain for Enterprises: Part 1

Executive Summary Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past five years, you’re aware of the buzz around

SD-WAN for Digital Transformation: Making the WAN the Easy Part with Automation, Policy-Based Management, and Abstracted Connectivity

Executive Summary Digital Transformation (DT) initiatives harness technology, especially emerging technologies, to drive business value by raising revenues, decreasing costs,

UCC 2018 Research Study: Team Collaboration

Nemertes' annual study on unified communications and collaboration is based on in-depth interviews with enterprise collaboration leaders This Team Collaboration

The True Cost of Cloud

Most organizations now use the public cloud: 626% use or plan to use IaaS in production; 53% for PaaS However,

UCC 2018 Research Study: Total Cost of Operations & Vendor Ratings

The best advice on which technology providers to use typically comes from those already using them In this study, Nemertes

Supercharge Digital Transformation

Executive Summary Digital transformation is all the rage among business and technology leaders Truly transforming takes significant planning, discipline, and

The Network’s Cloud-like Future: SD- WAN to Networks as a Service

Executive Summary IT and the enterprise need the network to be delivered like a service and managed accordingly—to create a