Digital Transformation 2025:
How AI, IoT, and Emerging Technologies Drive Business Value

Coming in 2019

At Navigator360 you'll meet the business and technology leaders driving Digital Transformation.  You'll learn how to evolve your IT organization from service center to business enabler, and how you can establish business and IT partnerships to improve processes, generate new products and services, and enhance customer engagement through the use of innovative technologies.

Fundamental to enabling such transformation is evaluating emerging technologies for effectiveness, security, and business value. At this year’s Navigator360 conference, we’ll share successful operational and business metrics from our unique research methodology, ensuring participants select the technologies and strategies that are a best fit for them. We’ll provide roadmaps and use cases for enabling transformation. And participants can gain guidance from their peers regarding best practices, opportunities, and challenges.

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Learn how to:

  • Bolster agility, cost savings, business and operational performance with software-defined everything, DevOps and containers, microservices, and collaboration
  • Enable transformation with AI, IoT, next-generation endpoints, cloud, and collaboration
  • Benchmark your operational and business metrics against peers and other organizations
  • Create blueprints for successfully evaluating and deploying emerging technologies
  • Organize to best evaluate and capitalize on emerging technologies
  • Bridge the gap between IT and lines of business
  • Establish discipline around change management and optimization of transformative technologies
  • Overcome security and governance challenges
  • Manage supplier, business, and IT partnerships
  • Improve customer experience with contact-center channels, AI, bots, and collaboration integration

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