Nemertes [Next]

The conference about what happens next

What It Is

Who knows what’s next? Those who attend Nemertes [Next] do.

The next 15 years will see:

  • new energy technologies (from modular nuclear power plants to wireless transmission)
  • bioengineered supercomputers
  • the advent of practical quantum computing
  • AR/VR and the real Metaverse
  • organ bioprinting
  • virtual and actual space travel
  • functional humanoid robotics
  • the advance of AI
  • and much more.

Nemertes [Next] is the continuation of an event put on over the past 30 years by TTI/Vanguard that examines nascent technologies that can make a difference in the world of 5–15 years from today.


Current Nemertes [Next] Conference:
September 24-26 – Baltimore, Maryland


Current Speaker Line-Up

  • Luke Becker, Systems Assurance Manager, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab—NASA Dragonfly: Drones on Titan
  • Edouard Harris, Cofounder and CTO, Gladstone AI—Defense in Depth Action Plan: Protecting Humanity from AI Overreach
  • Yuhang Hu, Doctoral Student, Columbia University—Robots That Anticipate Human Facial Expressions
  • Dinesh Jayaraman, Professor, University of Pennsylvania—How to Train Your Robot
  • Geoffrey Litt, Senior Researcher, Ink & Switch—Malleable Software in the Age of AI
  • Bella Liu, Cofounder and CEO, Orby AI—Individualized Business Productivity Automation through AI Observation
  • Atul Mantri, Professor, Virginia Tech—Secure Computation during the Classical-to-Quantum Transition
  • Don Means, Jr., CIO and Director of IT, Defense Finance and Accounting Service—Beyond AI
  • Susanna Thon, Professor, Johns Hopkins University—Photobatteries: Integrating Energy Capture and Storage
  • Elisa Torres Durney, Cofounder, Girls in Quantum—Building the Next Generation of Quantum Information Scientists 
  • Joshua Vogelstein, Professor, Johns Hopkins University—The Connectome and Implications for Machine Learning and Artificial Brains
  • Cheng Zhang, Professor, Cornell University—Smart Computer Interfaces

What You Get

A conference that is about the curious and creative audience members:

Nemertes [Next] maintains and expands the world-class roster of speakers who are busy inventing the future. As TTI/Vanguard speaker and famed technologist Alan Kay memorably put it, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

In 2024 and 2025, we’re also continuing the much-beloved tradition of field trips giving members an inside peek into laboratories conducting cutting-edge scientific and engineering research. And we anticipate offering interactive workshops aimed at accelerating participants’ ability to implement innovative technologies and practices.

Past and future conference speakers and some of their topics include:

  • Eric Haseltine, CEO Discovery Democracy and Chairman of the US Technology Leadership (Learning Resilience from Military Adversaries)
  • Jim Hendler, Nemertes Research Fellow and Professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic University (The Future of AI)
  • Veljko Dubljevic, Professor, North Carolina State University (Neuroethics)
  • Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao, Professor, Cornell University (Robotic Skins)
  • Gill Pratt, Chief Scientist and Executive Fellow for Research, Toyota Motor Corporation and Chief Executive Officer, Toyota Research Institute (Next-Gen Transportation)
  • John Preskill, Professor, Caltech (Quantum Computing)
  • Tony Fadell, Future Shape; Member of the Original iPhone Team; inventor of the iPod (Future of Mobility)
  • Marcie Black, Co-Founder Advanced Silicon Group (Nanowire Array Biosensors)
  • George Church, Professor, Harvard (Innovations in Synthetic Biology)
  • Christian Mayr, Professor, Technical University of Dresden (Neuro-Microelectronics)
  • Jean Anne Incorvia, Professor, University of Texas-Austin (Densifying Transistors with Gates That Conduct Both Electrons and Holes)
  • Johannes Willbold, Satellite Security Researcher, Ruhr University Bochum (Interstellar Intruders: Hijacking Satellites through Firmware Vulnerabilities)
  • Larry James, Deputy Director, NASA JPL (Deep Space Communications)
  • Song Han, Assistant Professor, MIT (TinyML and Efficient Deep Learning on IoT Devices)
  • Handol Kim, CEO, Variational AI (Extending Generative AI to Small Molecule Drug Discovery)
  • Oren Etzioni, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (Getting Down to Brass Tacks of Large Language Models)

Nemertes [Next]: September 24-26 2024, Baltimore

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