Not Feeling SASE? Look for an (E)SCAPE Hatch

Not Feeling SASE? Look for an (E)SCAPE Hatch

According to Nemertes’ Cloud and Cybersecurity 2019-2020 Research Study, 2019 was the year the average enterprise for the first time found more than half its IT workloads running outside the data center. This ongoing shift of enterprise IT work into cloud environments — whether SaaS, PaaS or IaaS — puts pressure on enterprise IT teams to better manage, orchestrate and secure those workloads. Securing them is especially challenging, since IT needs to find ways to secure traffic originating anywhere — not just within branches, but also in partner sites, in home offices, hotels and coffee shops. It is equally necessary to secure traffic bound to anywhere: trusted SaaS partners, systems running in IaaS environments and citizen-developed apps running in aPaaS.

Enter ESCAPE: Enterprise Secure Cloud Access and Policy Enforcement — Nemertes’ term for a new generation of a security suite. ESCAPE offerings, which include Cisco Umbrella and Palo Alto Prisma, bring a secure access layer together with protective technologies such as malware filtering and centralized management, and enforcement of security policies. Essentially, this next-gen cloud security suite combines the functions of VPN, cloud firewall, secure web gateway and cloud access security broker (CASB).

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(Although we now usually drop the E and just say SCAPE, we feel more strongly than ever that SCAPE is at the center of the reimagined enterprise WAN, post pandemic, the WAN defined not as a network connecting a bunch of places, but as the locus of controlled connections among enterprise users and resources that are not all in the same place.)

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