Preparing for the Future of the Office

Preparing for the Future of the Office

A proactive return-to-the-office strategy requires changes to layouts, networks, and policies.

IT and business leaders are slowly moving past the “panic” phase of the COVID-19-driven shift to remote work. However, according to Nemertes’ recently published “Visual Communications and Collaboration: 2020-21” global research study of more than 525 organizations, the likelihood of companies simply returning to life as it was before the pandemic is small. Just 8.2% of participants expect to bring all employees back to their former workspaces. Nearly 36% expect WFH as it stands now to continue into the foreseeable future.

Those considering a return to the office must address three key areas: office layouts, networks, and policies to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure that workers are productive regardless of location.

Office Layouts
IT, facilities, HR, and business leaders have several factors to consider as they plan for the future of the physical office space:

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