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Nemertes Research provides in-depth research and analysis in the following topic areas:

What We Offer

Simply put, Nemertes Research helps you make wise decisions with research-backed advice. Through our analyst expertise, long-standing relationships with IT leaders, and industry-leading research, we are able to provide reliable advice that will position you for success. We package services that leverage our global research on costs and ROI, emerging technologies, business cases, success factors, best practices, and adoption trends gathered from hundreds of leading-edge organizations that are at the forefront of technology adoption.

Nemertes provides these services through three primary delivery models, described below. But we pride ourselves on customizing services to our clients, so if our standard services do not meet your requirements, we will customize a solution that does.

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Annual Research Advisory Service

  • Enterprise-wide access to all research (no “seats” and no “tracks”)
  • Custom coaching, strategic guidance for technology professionals
  • Access to analysts for advice, discussions, feedback
  • Maturity models, scorecards, and benchmarking
  • Custom inquiries: Written responses to address your specific questions
  • Custom cuts of research data
  • Input into our research planning to ensure our priorities are aligned to your needs
  • Market testing for technology providers
  • Access to monthly Premium Content newsletter
  • Access to monthly Client Webinar

Learn more about Nemertes Research Methodology and Deliverables

Project Consulting

  • Custom research for your specific requirements
  • Development or validation of technology strategies and roadmaps, operational practices, and organizational structures
  • Development of cost models and business cases
  • Critique of product strategies for technology providers
  • Technology and provider selection for IT professionals
  • User Awareness and Adoption (UAA) benchmarking, planning, collateral

Research Licensing

  • On-demand editorial articles, columns, blogs, webcasts, videos, podcasts backed by our research data
  • Speaking at events on relevant topics
  • Development of cost models and business cases
  • Social media strategy to promote events, where relevant


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A Trusted Voice in IT

Nemertes Research specializes in assisting IT organizations quantify the business impact of emerging technology. Our services help you make the right decision by leveraging global benchmark data on costs, success factors, and adoption trends gathered from interviews with your peers. We establish a success group, based on several characteristics, and develop Maturity Models that show how you compare with those who are successful.

Think of us as an extension of your team, by providing an objective, fresh set of eyes for your important decisions on everything ranging from  emerging technologies, operational issues, and strategic challenges.

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Objective Analysis

Nemertes Research gives vendors and service providers a fresh set of eyes when evaluating product plans, strategies, and marketing initiatives. We also objectively compare you to your competitors, so your decisions are based on competitive research. Our technology provider clients also rely on Nemertes’ global research findings for marketing collateral, including issue papers, infographics webcasts, speaking engagements, cost models, and videos.

Our research gives you unique insight into what your customers are doing and planning–and most importantly, why–based on live, structured interviews with them. This vital information helps guide product and service plans.

Learn more here.

Respected Experts

Expert analysts at Nemertes Research deliver authoritative, research-backed content for media companies. This content includes blogs, special reports, live speaking engagements, and webcasts. Nemertes analysts have experience as technology professionals and technology journalists, and all are active writers and speakers who draw audiences with their ability to generate excitement about technology and its profound impact on businesses, universities, and organizations.

Nemertes also helps establish content and themes for conferences and trade shows.

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Investment Evaluation

Nemertes Research helps venture capitalists and private equity companies understand key technology markets and associated providers, enabling them to make wise investments. Nemertes does not make investment recommendations, as that is not our core area of expertise. But we do provide objective, detailed analyses of providers, markets, and most importantly, the demands of domestic and international enterprise customers.

Nemertes analysts do not invest in any technology companies that we cover to maintain our objectivity.

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Achieve Success With Nemertes Expertise

The best advice in the business

Our analysts have proven expertise in business, technology, sales, and communications. Only Nemertes analysts regularly update their understanding of enterprise technology requirements with structured, methodical benchmarks.

Custom inquiries

Have a question? We’ll get you the answer, based on our analysts’ expertise and research data. As a client you can simply send their inquiry and deadline to, and we’ll do the work for you. We will pull research from our databases and reports, coupled with our own expertise, and provide you with a written response, recommendations, and option for a phone call for further discussion.

World-class visibility

Nemertes analysts are literally “rock stars” in the tech space. Our columns and blogs have avid readers, and we draw crowds when we keynote major events. We’ve been on the front page of tech pubs and general business publications and are sought after as panelists and speakers.

Research methodology

Nemertes doesn’t farm out surveys, or base its insight on the last few conversations with IT leaders. We use a structured, scientific methodology and actually talk to IT leaders, in a structured fashion. Benchmarking is in our DNA, and that requires conversations with hundreds of IT leaders each year, conducted by all analysts and our executive team, all the way to the president and CEO. We know what’s happening in the business-technology market around the world because we talk to those making decisions regularly.


Our research methodology, events, and consulting projects put us in front of the most senior-level IT leaders, keeping us apprised of the latest challenges and opportunities in the enterprise and midmarket.

One-on-one executive-level relationships

The intimate size of our firm allows CEOs and senior-level executives to benefit from a personal relationship with Nemertes partners and principals. Senior executives know they can reach out to us at any time for coaching, brainstorming, or general advice and support.

Outstanding customer service

Our clients regularly tell us they can’t believe how responsive and flexible we are. We pride ourselves on being nimble and easy to work with.  You won’t just be a number to Nemertes.

Unparalleled objectivity

Nemertes bases all recommendations on data—not subjective opinions. We tell it like it is! Nemertes analysts cannot hold stock or options in companies we cover (unique in the research industry).

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