Unsurpassed Research

Nemertes prides itself on conducting research that sets a new standard for integrity, creativity, and relevance. We start with experienced, intelligent analysts who are well-versed on the supply and demand sides of their technology areas of expertise. Then, we deploy our structured research process, which includes feedback from our enterprise and technology provider clients. When the time comes to field the research, Nemertes always conducts detailed interviews with mulit-international IT leaders to understand the whys behind the whats. In some research projects, we also supplement the interviews with electronic surveys of pre-qualified IT or business leaders. The image below describes our research process.

Research methodology

We cover the broad technology categories listed on the left side of this page, and within each category are numerous topics. In addition to delivering our research data through webcasts, one-on-one phone calls, strategy sessions, and custom inquiries, we also produce the following:

Benchmark Data Repository

Modular PowerPoint presentation that includes research findings from each research project we conduct. The presentation includes quantitative charts, architectures, screenshots of cost models, success correlations, and descriptions of emerging product or technology areas.

Issue Papers

Thought-leadership report on a key trend or topic that typically leverages our global research data. Technology providers often license these reports when they align with their products and marketing message.

Business Value Analysis

Custom report that evaluates the value of a specific product or service, based on interviews with users of the product or service. Nemertes conducts the interviews, with a focus on deriving quantitative value. When available, we compare the findings with our existing research to illustrate how the product or service compares with industry norms. The reports also include mini case studies on each company we interview.

Business Value Matrix

The Nemertes’ Business Value Matrix (BVM) gives technology providers insight into how IT Leaders perceive the reliability, cost, and value of their products – compared to the marketplace.

Based on interviews and surveys of IT and business leaders, this research uncovers what they think of their providers based on first-year cost of operations (a combination of capital, implementation, and operational costs) and how they stack-up against the competition.


  • Product Spotlight presents an overview of a key vendor's offering in an emerging technology space, along with the technology architecture and Nemertes benchmark research data. Each Spotlight includes objective data and a Nemertes analyst's perspective.
  • Technology Spotlight defines an emerging technology space, identifies key trends within it, maps an architecture describing its place in the enterprise, identifies key functionality and use cases for it, and lists examples of vendors and service providers in the space.
  • Market Spotlight provides a broader perspective on a technology space, collecting multiple Product Spotlights under one cover, and mapping out the space as a whole.

MPLS Rates Review

Nemertes MPLS Rates Review TM leverages our world-class benchmark of real-world rates for services such as MPLS and business-grade Internet. Forget six-figure consulting engagements. The MPLS Rates Review is a straightforward, easy-to conduct rates benchmark that provides you with actionable guidance for architecting and negotiating your next WAN.

UCC Maturity Model Scorecard

Nemertes Maturity Model Scorecard leverages our expertise in evaluating the business impact of emerging technologies.  Nemertes works with your team to identify your current state in the use of relevant technologies, examining budget, organizational structure, leadership, adoption rates, and more.