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AI-Enabled Analytics Drives Digital Customer Experience Initiatives

Author: Robin Gareiss, President & Founder

Scan the news online, on social media, or in paper format, and it won’t take more than a few minutes to find a story, post, or blog promoting the promises or concerns of artificial intelligence. But exactly what is AI, and its multitude of components, including machine learning, deep learning, and a host of technologies related to Digital Customer Experience (DCX)? And how successful are initiatives that leverage AI to improve the customer experience?

This report answers those questions. In addition to defining AI, the report also addresses the following:

    • About 44% of organizations are using AI in their DCX initiatives, but larger organizations with more than 2,500 employees use AI most frequently.
    • Natural Language Processing and chatbots are the most common applications of AI in DCX projects. Several others are in the planning stages.
    • Analytics and AI go hand-in-hand. When asked which technologies would be most transformative for DCX projects, customer success analytics and AI were the top two.
    • Improvements to customer satisfaction and cost reduction were the top drivers for using AI in DCX initiatives.
    • Across the board, organizations reported measureable success for everything from improved customer satisfaction, to improved sales, to reduced contact-center agent turnover.

Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
  • What is AI?
  • DCX AI Adoption Most Prevalent Among Large Companies
    • Drilldown: NLP Most Deployed; Predictive Analysis Most Promising
  • Analytics, AI Go Hand-in-Hand in Transforming DCX
    • CSAT Boost, Cost Reduction Top AI Benefits
  • Success Metrics
  • Conclusion

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