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The Cloud Communications Imperative

Authors: Robin Gareiss, President & Founder; and Irwin Lazar, VP & Service Director

Many IT leaders increasingly recognize that on-premises platforms, with long upgrade cycles and substantial administration requirements, no longer align with their desire to leverage emerging technology for business benefit as part of their digital transformation strategies. Increasingly, they want to move their communications platforms to the cloud to leverage flexibility, rapid feature rollout, scalability, reliability, integrations, and security that cloud communications offers.

But not all cloud services are created equally. Some simply recreate on-premises environments, while modern cloud services let businesses align communications services with business processes, stay on top of new capabilities, and support the needs of an increasingly virtual and mobile workforce.

Those evaluating cloud communications offerings should:

  • Understand the needs of their workers, and how digital transformation success requires equipping employees with innovative communications capabilities able to integrate with business processes, and support mobile workers.
  • Evaluate the different cloud options, including pure cloud services, to determine which best aligns with business need, for a variety of work scenarios (including for desktop and mobile workers).
  • Understand differences in pure cloud approaches, including the provider’s control of its software platform and its use of microservices architecture to deliver rapid product enhancements and scale.

Consider integration capabilities, including natively offered connections into popular business software, as well as the ability to leverage APIs to extend communications features into other applications.

Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
  • The Issue
  • Digital Transformation Defined
    • Components of Digital Transformation
    • Cloud Communications Ties to Digital Transformation Success
  • The Cloud Communications Imperative
  • Selecting the Right Cloud
    • Not All Pure Cloud is Created Alike
  • Microservices for Modern Software Development
  • Integrating Communications, Applications, and Business
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

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