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Companies Adopt AI to Transform Customer Experience

Published on: July 30, 2019

Author: Robin Gareiss, President and Founder

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping companies improve customer experience. In particular, new AI technology bundled with existing contact center offerings enables small and midsize businesses (SMBs) to compete with larger enterprises. Today, only 39.4% of SMBs (50-1,000 employees) use or are planning to use AI, according to Nemertes’ 2018-19 Digital Customer Experience research study of 697 organizations.

Moving forward, we expect this number to rise quickly, as AI-enabled chatbots and agent-assist apps are becoming easier to train and deploy, thanks to development efforts from platform and contact center providers.

This report will cover the following:

• Deployment plans for AI, by size of company
• Drivers for SMBs to adopt AI – making customer interactions more efficient, agents more successful, and companies more competitive
• Real-world success from companies already using AI: Customer success ratings increase by 57%, self-service transactions rise by 66%, and agent turnover drops by 20%.
• Best practices for successfully implementing AI

Table of Contents
  • AI Helps SMBs Become More Competitive
    • Drivers for SMBs to Adopt AI
  • Real-World SMB Success from AI
    • Customer Success Ratings
    • Sales
    • Self-Service Transactions
    • Agent Turnover
    • Customers Won/Lost
  • Conclusion

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