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Digital Transformation Primer

Published on: November 20, 2017

Author: Robin Gareiss, President & Founder

IT and/or business leaders responsible forthe Digital Transformation (DT) initiatives at their organizations have a lot of factors to consider to ensure success. It is incredibly challenging to know where to start, how to change, and what to avoid as demand for business value increases. Digital transformations aim to grow revenue, cut costs, improve customer experience, gain competitive advantage, and attract employees.

Nemertes interviewed or surveyed IT and business leaders at nearly 800 global organizations to understand the best practices and pitfalls of the initiatives.

This report covers the following:

  • ‘Digital Transformation’ definitions and key factors for success – Completing projects that show measurable business value within six months is a success factor.
  • Organizational, leadership, and staffing strategies – The role of the C-suite is vital to success. The CEO has launched DT initiatives at the highest percentage of research participants. Meanwhile, a solid mix of IT and business-unit leaders must be involved with the projects.
  • Enabling technologies – Apps, products, and technologies must work as expected, so testing is crucial. IT leaders also must make sure the foundation is strong before moving on to more advanced apps.
  • Reasonable budgets, based on real-world data – Budgets can vary considerably based on company size and how they classify transformation projects. On average, companies spend $1,004 per employee on DT, though larger companies spend significantly less per employee.
  • Pitfalls companies have experienced that caused their projects to fail – Numerous pitfalls exist, so it’s crucial to evaluate our list at the start of any project to avoid them.

Table of Contents 
  • The Issue
  • Digital Defined
  • Organizational Structure
    • Digital Transformation Leadership
      • Digital IT
      • Digital Business
      • Digital Marketing
      • Digital Customer Experience
    • Digital Transformation Staff
    • Staffing Advice
  • Enabling Technologies
  • Budget
  • Pitfalls to Avoid
    • Awareness and Adoption
    • Process and Planning
    • Financial
    • People
    • Technology
  • Conclusion and Recommendations

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