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Enterprise and Customer Engagement Management

Published on: October 1, 2020

Author: Robin Gareiss, President and Founder

  • Measurable Success With Specialty Tools
    • MTTR drops 15.5% with performance management tools, 24.8% with endpoint management tools
    • Provisioning time drops 31% with administration management tools
  • Majority of companies use tools from UCC platform providers and performance management specialists
    • But 61.5% prefer tools come from independent third-party specialists
  • IT leaders value integrated data across multiple tools more than single, multi-vendor tools
  • 56.1% get all they need from UCC platform tools; 49.1% from contact center platform tools
    • Yet, high percentages continue to use additional tools
  • Top features needed:
    • 24×7 managed services (67%)
    • Employee productivity reporting (65%)
    • Capacity planning (64%)
    • Helpdesk support (61%)
    • AI-based predictive analytics (59%)
    • CSAT reporting (59%)
    • Phone/address management (58%)
    • Risk assessment (58%)
  • WFH continues to have large impact
    • 80% WFH either full or part time since Covid
    • Most increasing use of management tools since Covid
      • 73% have more visibility into app performance
      • 51% using for remote worker provisioning
      • 42% using for network performance
      • 41% using for remote worker app utilization
  • More than half adopted new UC/CC apps and integrated with existing; 26% adopted and didn’t integrate
    • 80.6% plan to integrate all apps added since Covid
  • Only 26% have cohesive management automation strategy.
    • Plans to automate are in security management, license management, policy-based changes, provisioning
  • Endpoint management interest rising
    • 75% willing to buy endpoint management tool, but most will only do so if there are APIs to integrate to single pane of glass
    • 63% see endpoint performance data as extremely valuable
    • 53% see high value in measuring video meeting room utilization

Table of Contents
  • About Nemertes
  • About the Research Study
  • Definitions
  • Measuring Success
  • Management Tools
  • Management Features
    • Functional Management
    • Reporting
    • Monitoring and Support
    • Administration
    • Security and Compliance
  • Work From Home
  • Automation
  • Endpoint Management

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