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Nemertes WAN Economics Research Study 2018-19

Published on: September 18, 2018

Author: John Burke, CIO & Principal Research Analyst

The WAN is the central nervous system of the enterprise, and is in a period of massive change: integration of cloud resources into the IT service portfolio and migration of a significant portion of the enterprise’s work and data to the cloud; rapid increase in mobile devices as work platforms; expansion of Internet of Things deployments; and new WAN paradigms, especially SD-WAN. All of this puts renewed focus on the economics of wide-area networking: How much does it cost to connect a site to a WAN? What technologies are easiest, fastest, best performing? Which vendors provide the best technology, service, and value? The study uncovers current data on:

  • MPLS, Ethernet, Wavelength, and Internet service costs
  • Ratings for connectivity providers and ranking their ability to deliver, and deliver on time
  • SD-WAN platform costs – implementation and operation
  • SD-WAN adoption and vendor ratings

Table of Contents
  • Agenda
  • About Nemertes
  • About the Study: Methodology
  • Summary of Findings
  • Overview of Results
    • WAN Architecture and Operations
    • MPLS Rates and Ratings
    • Carrier Ethernet Rates and Ratings
    • Internet Service Rates and Ratings
    • SD-WAN Deployment and Ratings
    • DCC & WAN-CX Deployment and Ratings
  • For More Information: Drilldowns Available
  • Recommendations

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