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Next-Generation Customer Experience

Author: Robin Gareiss, President & Founder

The interactions customers have with companies are transforming—and quickly. Indeed, 85% of companies have developed or are planning to develop Digital Customer Experience (DCX) strategies, devoting measurable budgets and employees to the efforts.

Advanced and innovative technologies are changing the way customers order products and services, how they receive help, and how they learn about what to buy. The easier companies make it for their customers to interact, the more benefits they will derive. And the more live interactions become a seamless part of any digital channel, the more delighted customers become.

Five core technology areas comprise DCX strategies. They include Customer Relationship Management (CRM), contact center platforms, customer service apps, customer engagement management, and customer success/satisfaction tools. As this technology landscape rapidly evolves, we find companies using some but not all of these categories. For example, companies may not need a traditional contact-center platform to serve customers; they may rely instead on customer service and customer engagement apps.

Nemertes Research conducted a study of 700 global organizations about their DCX strategies and activities. Those on the right track saw measureable success in revenue growth, cost reduction, higher customer ratings, and more. Those on the wrong track were at risk of severe competitive disadvantage.

This report will outline the technologies and key projects organizations implemented to improve customer experience, along with the metrics for success. On average, companies found the following success metrics following a DCX initiative:

    • 50% improvement in customer ratings
    • 15% reduction in operational costs
    • 31% growth in sales
    • 68% more customers won; 14% fewer customers lost
    • 31% reduction in contact-center agent turnover

Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
  • Digital Customer Experience, Defined
    • Digital Everywhere
    • Transforming the Digital Customer Experience
  • DCX Technology Taxonomy
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Contact Center
    • Customer Service
    • Customer Engagement Management
    • Customer Satisfaction/Success
  • The DCX Technology Puzzle
  • DCX Strategy Go or No Go: Risks and Rewards
    • Right Track
    • Wrong Track
  • DCX Projects
  • Metrics for Success
    • DCX by Select Industries
      • Financial Services
      • Healthcare
      • Hospitality
      • Retail
      • Transportation
      • Telecommunications
  • Conclusion and Recommendations

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