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Next-Generation Networking 2020-21 Research Study

Published on: March 5, 2020

Author: John Burke, CIO and Principal Research Analyst

The Next-Generation Networking 2020 – 2021 Research Study uncovers the facts of networking in the cloud-powered enterprise. We’ll dig deep into cloud and SD-WAN networking technology adoption, the trends and drivers shaping networks, and how emerging technologies such as 5G and WiFi 6 will affect them.

The study will collect data on:

  • Enterprise concerns, plans and expectations for 5G and WiFi6
  • SD-WAN operational impacts, adoption, and vendor ratings
  • WAN-Cloud Exchange (WAN-CX) and direct connect services

The WAN is the central nervous system of the cloud enterprise, and is in a period of massive change driven by: integration of cloud resources into the IT service portfolio, migration of most enterprise work and data to the cloud, continuing increase in use of mobile devices as work platforms, expansion of Internet of Things deployments, Digital Transformation, new technologies such as 5G, and the continuing spread of SD-WAN.

All of this puts renewed focus on the economics of wide-area networking: What technologies are easiest, fastest, best performing?

This research also updates our data-driven True Cost of SD-WAN ™ business value model.

Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
    • Key Findings
    • Success Metrics
    • Success Correlations
  • Network Initiatives and Operations
    • Network Usage
    • Networking Operations and Practices
  • Wireless and Mobility
    • Trends
    • Success Correlations
  • SD-WAN and Cloud Connectivity
    • SD-WAN Adoption, Usage
    • Operations
    • Vendors and Solutions
    • WAN-CX and DCC
  • Traditional WAN Services

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