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Optimal UCC Performance Vital to Digital Transformation Success

Author: Robin Gareiss, President & Founder

Nearly 70% of organizations have a digital transformation initiative underway. In order for those projects to be successful, they must have a solid foundation to support communications and collaboration. In fact, in Nemertes’ Digital Transformation and IT Futures research, we found that successful digital companies are investing in UCC at a much higher rate than unsuccessful companies. This underscores the high visibility of UCC at companies—among both the IT and business staffs.

In order for UCC to operate at maximum efficiency, IT leaders must carefully evaluate management and monitoring tools. Most, however, delay this analysis until they run into problems. They start their deployments using tools that come from the platform provider, and within one to two years find them insufficient to get the level of analytics, reporting, root-cause analysis and more. What’s more, they also find downtime is higher than they would like—and an analysis typically shows downtime costs more than most realize.

When they purchase performance management tools, they find several benefits. Among them:
• Less downtime and quicker resolution of problems
• UCC operational costs cut in half vs. those who do not use the tools
• Thirty-one percent increase in the number of people actually using UCC because the apps work better.

Nemertes’ annual Unified Communications and Collaboration Total Cost of Operations research project provides detailed cost and utilization data to see what the real-world differences are with the use of performance management.

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