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Real-World Contact Center ACD and IVR Costs

Understanding the Total Cost of Operations (TCO) of contact-center technologies is critical for sound decision-making. Nemertes recommends considering capital, implementation, and ongoing operational costs in TCO analysis.

Nemertes recently had conversations with, or surveyed, 106 enterprises (most of which used multiple contact-center vendors) and gathered cost data for a number of contact-center technologies. Nemertes analysis shows that capital, implementation, and operational costs tend to vary more significantly for IVR than for ACD. This may, in part, be due to cloud-based IVR’s popularity; significantly more companies place IVR vs. ACD in the cloud. This is especially true for smaller contact centers with lower call volumes.

Enterprise IT leaders should invest the necessary time and care to make sure that they understand all areas of cost and develop a complete TCO picture in support of contact center purchasing decisions.

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