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Nemertes Annual UCC Total Cost of Operations

Author: Robin Gareiss, President & Founder

Nemertes annual study combines data from real-world interviews and surveys of IT leaders, with deep analysis on their costs for IP telephony, Unified Communications and Collaboration, and IPT/UC management. The study includes data from more than 700 organizations, and costs are segmented by vendor, service provider, and size. The research includes data for both on-premises and cloud deployments and provides breakdowns on operational and capital costs for leading IPT and UC providers as well as impact on costs from proactive management strategies.

  • Deployment:
    • Which UCC architectures are winning?
    • How much TDM is still deployed?
    • Most are operating 2-4 UCC apps. Which ones are most common?
  • Maturity Model:
    • How mature are UCC deployments overall?
    • What are successful companies doing, where are they spending, and what architectures are resonating most?
    • Successful companies spend more on capital and implementation, but save on operational costs. Why?
  • Business Case Checklist
    • What are they key best practices toward building a UCC business case?
    • Which cost metrics must be included?
  • UCC Cost Summaries
    • UCC first-year, per-endpoint costs range from $454 to $2,581. What factors determine true costs for each company?
    • Which vendors are most expensive, and least expensive–whether cloud, on-prem, hosted, or hybrid architectures?
  • UCC Value Matrices
    • How do IT leaders rate their providers’ performance?
    • What do they spend per provider?
    • How do the two metrics intersect, highlighting providers with top ratings and lowest cost?
  • Cloud Trends
    • Cloud is not reducing costs for most companies. Find out which companies see savings, how much, and with what services.
    • Companies actually increase the number of full-time equivalents managing UCC when moving to the cloud. Find out why.
    • What factors are driving organizations toward–and away from–cloud?
  • Management and Monitoring
    • Learn what types of management tools are available, what issues they address, and how IT leaders are using them.
    • See the data that validates UCC operational costs drop when organizations use UCC specialty management tools for performance and operations management.
    • Learn which management providers receive the highest ratings from their providers, and also affect UCC operational costs the most.
  • Endpoints
    • Softphones are increasing, driving more focus on headsets. What are companies spending to acquire and manage headsets–and who’s making the buy?
    • Which headset providers get the best ratings, and have the lowest costs?
    • How does mobility affect buyer decisions
  • Team Collaboration
    • To what extent are companies using Team Collaboration?
    • Who do they use, and what are they spending?
    • How do Team Collaboration providers rate among their customer base?
  • SBCs and SIP Trunking
    • What are the latest adoption trends?
    • What are the costs among top SBC providers, and what do companies really save with SIP trunking?
    • What is inhibiting companies from using SBCs?

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