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Real-World Success With Digital Customer Experience (DCX)

Published on: April 9, 2019

Author: Robin Gareiss, President & Founder

Organizations around the globe are finding measurable success with their Digital Customer Experience (DCX) initiatives. The metrics are so compelling, regardless of company size or industry, business and IT leaders must align on strategic goals and objectives they need to meet, and then move swiftly to launch their own DCX initiatives.

The C-suite has become incredibly engaged in DCX because executives realize the power customers possess through social media, public ratings, and referrals. Product and price are not always the deciding factor as to whether a customer will make a purchase. A bigger influence is customers who can communicate with, compliment, or complain about a company via multiple channels attached to at-their-fingertips mobile devices.

DCX has become a battleground and competitive differentiator, redefining loyalty by how well an organization engages, serves, and responds to customers and prospects. Companies can appeal to their customers—and their associated communities—through customer engagement strategies that offer them rewards, incentives, and status-driven service to drive loyalty. Business leaders who ignore DCX risk losing customers or communities to competitors that are focusing on DCX. Companies must focus on innovative technologies, including analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), mobility, and omnichannel capabilities to succeed.

Nemertes Research conducted a study on DCX initiatives, technologies and success metrics with IT and business leaders of 697 organizations in North America, Europe, and Asia- Pacific. In summary, organizations saw the following average success metrics after completing a DCX initiative:

  • 50% improvement in customer satisfaction ratings
  • 31% growth in overall sales and 37% increase in digital sales
  • 15% reduction in operational costs
  • 31% decrease in contact-center agent turnover
  • 65% increase in customers won
  • 14% decrease in customers lost (churn)

Not surprisingly, achieving success requires careful planning in three core areas: Strategy development, provider selection, and implementation. This report reviews the key best practices in each of these areas to ensure the highest possible success metrics.

Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
  • DCX Adoption and Overview
    • DCX Technology Framework
  • DCX Projects
  • Real-World Success
  • Step-by-Step Guidance
    • Strategy Development
    • Provider Selection
    • Implementation
  • Conclusion

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