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Rethinking the Contact Center

Published on: May 12, 2020

As organizations plan for seasonal changes in their businesses, they must validate that the contact center is ready for variable demands. Making the right technology decisions and establishing cultural best practices will ensure customer ratings are favorable. This report evaluates some of the key issues and solutions for operating a flexible, scalable, intelligent contact center. CX leaders, and the IT staffs that support their initiatives, must understand and address the following:

  • Business demands are variable, so make sure to have an architecture that supports this need for flexibility.
  • Agents need regular feedback, so have the right people, analytics, and processes in place to always improve agent performance.
  • Customers often want quick answers, and that may mean they don’t need to speak to a live agent. Have the technologies in place to serve this requirement.
  • Change is the only constant, so regularly analyzing and acting upon data is key to maintaining a stellar contact center.

Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
  • Contact Center Checkup
    • Success Group
  • Addressing Variable Business Demands
  • Better Agents = Better Customer Experience
    • Companies Hiring More Skilled Agents
    • Data Helps Performance
  • Agents Not Always Required
    • The Value of Omnichannel
  • Analyze…and Analyze Again
  • Conclusion

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