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Tools for Transformation

Published on: February 3, 2017

Author: Johna Till Johnson, CEO & Founder

We are witnessing a transformation in information technology that will have a profound impact on how business and technology teams work together. The MIS teams of the 1960s and ‘70s focused narrowly on back-office systems and then transformed into IT, which expanded to include all knowledge workers and client-server computing. Now companies are focused on Digital Transformation, in which next-generation computing and communication technologies affect all processes, people, environments, and devices within an organization, as well as customers and business partners.

But enabling Digital Transformation can be a challenge. Companies that do it effectively often start by focusing their resources first on developing next-generation applications (NGA) using DevOps. The shift to NGA then drives a concomitant shift in infrastructure technology, particularly in the areas of cloud, virtual networking, automated management, collaboration, and security. Finally, the transformations in application development and infrastructure drive an overall cultural change, as the firm moves towards becoming a lean enterprise.

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