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Transforming the Customer Journey

Published on: June 11, 2019

Author: Robin Gareiss, President & Founder

Building and fostering a successful customer journey has become a top-priority goal for 85% of companies, which have built or are building Digital Customer Experience (DCX) strategies. Customers have become a de facto extension of the marketing arm through positive ratings or social media posts. But they also can become the best advocate for competitors through negative ratings or social media posts. Exceeding customer expectations with personalized, contextual interactions—based on sound data analytics—keeps company financials running smoothly.

Organizations must possess the right leadership, strategy, and engaged employees to be successful. All of that depends on a successful technology strategy, validated by business metrics that document success. For example, contact-center agent turnover drops by 31% when organizations focus on projects that address problems, such as a lack of agent analytics.

Creating a solid technology strategy must include a migration plan. Organizations may move from different contact center and Unified Communications (UC) providers to the same one, or they may be shifting from on-premises to cloud architecture. IT leaders must decide whether they want to move all or some locations and apps to the cloud—and at what pace. It’s important to select a provider that can make the migration smooth, with a pricing structure and support for any combination of architectures.

In building both the front- and back-end strategies for an improved customer journey, consider the following best practices:

  • Leverage partners and cloud infrastructure
  • Divert cost savings to invest in new technologies, such as AI and automation
  • Prevent integration roadblocks that will slow deployment

Table of Contents
  • Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
  • Customer Engagement is a Focal Point
    • Selecting and Funding New Projects
  • Business Leaders Must Deliver Flawless Customer Journeys
    • Role of CCO
    • Contact Center Employee Engagement
  • Leaders Must Optimize Technology
    • Customers Journey to the Cloud
    • Migration Path to the Cloud
    • Integration is a Must
  • Conclusion

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