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True Engagement Requires Seamless Collaboration- Anytime, Anywhere, Any App, Any Device is Becoming Reality

Author: Robin Gareiss, President & Founder

Among the biggest obstacles to unbridled productivity are technology deficiencies. When employees have different capabilities depending on where they are or what device they’re using, they cannot fully engage with colleagues or customers, and their productivity suffers.

By adopting a mobile collaboration platform that allows employees to leverage the same applications and data regardless of their location, connectivity, or device, organizations will find significant improvements. Among them: improved productivity, increased revenue, happier customers, more efficient project management, better work/life balance, better employee retention, and bolstered ability to be resilient during disasters. The actual capabilities of a mobile collaboration platform can include a bevy of applications, but core to success is the ability to escalate, and to do so seamlessly. For example, a verbal conversation can easily shift to a video conference and then to screen sharing, whether it’s an internal team call or an external call with a valued customer.

Though a true mobile collaboration platform benefits companies of all sizes, we believe such adoption will give midsize organizations (100 to 2,500 employees) a huge advantage over their slower-moving, large competitors, which simply take longer to win budget approval, implement the technology, train employees, and change the corporate culture.

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