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UCC 2018 Research Study: Total Cost of Operations & Vendor Ratings

Author: Robin Gareiss, President & Founder

The best advice on which technology providers to use typically comes from those already using them.

In this study, Nemertes has conducted live interviews and surveys to gauge customer sentiment about a broad range of providers in the UCC space. Additionally, we have gathered real-world implementation and operational cost data to help IT and business leaders understand the actual costs.

Questions this research addresses includes the following:

  • Is it more or less expensive to operate in the cloud, vs. on-premises or hybrid?
  • Which providers are most and least expensive to implement and operate?
  • Which providers do IT leaders rate the highest, in categories such as technology, customer service, and innovation?
  • Do UCC management tools help reduce operational costs, by automating manual functions and helping to determine root cause of problems faster?
  • What affect do collaboration apps, SBCs, and management tools have on employee productivity?

Table of Contents
  • About Nemertes
  • About this Presentation
  • Methodology and Demographics
  • UCC Architecture
  • UCC Spending
  • The Numbers: UCC Operational Costs
  • UCC Business Value Matrix – ALL
  • Midmarket UCC Business Value Matrix
  • Enterprise UCC Business Value Matrix
  • Productivity Changes
  • UC Management
  • Session Border Controllers
  • For More Information

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