Revisiting Team Messaging Security

March 26, 2019

Fresh from Slack’s EKM announcement, key management was a big topic in my “Securing Your Team Messaging Data” session at Enterprise Connect.

In my last No Jitter post, I discussed some of the challenges related to team messaging security, setting the stage for my session discussion last week at Enterprise Connect 2019 and foreshadowing Slack’s announcement that it now supports enterprise key management (EKM) to allow access control to team messaging data.

Slack EKM provides the same basic functionality already available from competitors including ArmorText, Cisco, and Symphony. Through EKM, customers manage their own encryption keys, meaning that they are in full control of their data and can lock data stores as necessary to address security issues such as breaches or data leakage. Slack customers, through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) key management server, are able to revoke access to individual channels, teams, or the entire customer instance of Enterprise Grid. Participants in our 2018-19 Team Collaboration study cited encryption and customer-held keys as important requirements in evaluating team collaboration platforms.

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