CIO Plays Crucial Role in Customer Engagement Transformation

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When is the last time you had a spectacular customer interaction? How about one that involved digital channels, including webchat, screen sharing, or even video conferencing—or any combination of them in the same interaction? We can readily recall incredibly bad customer service, but the rest is often “ho-hum,” meaning the company got the job done [...]

Webinar Replay – UCC Series [Ep. 3]: Why are Collaboration Tools Vital to Top-Notch CX?

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Without a solid collaboration strategy, organizations are very unlikely to succeed at digital transformation initiatives, particularly those that involve improved customer experience. The "customer" may be internal or external to the company. This webinar reviews key data and real-world scenarios that show why collaboration tools enable customer experience improvements. We will address the following: What [...]

Webinar Replay – IT Leader Panel Discussion – Battle for Enterprise Collaboration: Teams vs. Spark vs. Slack

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The world of communications and collaboration is transforming drastically. Rather than disjointed voice, video, IM, and document sharing tools, companies are moving toward team collaboration--Microsoft Teams, Cisco Spark, Slack, for the most part, in addition to RingCentral Glip, Avaya Equinox, and others. The big question: Which solution is the best for [...]

Webinar Replay – Turbocharge Customer Experience in Your Next Digital Transformation Initiative

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All the rage these days is about improving customer experience (CX). It's a cornerstone of any digital transformation strategy. But how, in practice, do companies do it? Which technologies are must-haves, particularly in the contact center, and which should be on the planning list? Nemertes Research has conducted an in-depth study tracking the digital transformation [...]

Bolstering Customer Experience

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Download Report Executive Summary Nearly 70% of companies cite “improving customer experience” as the business goal of their digital transformation projects. Several technologies can help improve customer experience, both inside and outside of the contact center. However, contact centers are the core for serving customers. Though most companies use voice and [...]

Disney’s Digital Transformation Hits Key Business Goals

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Every time I head to Disney World, I quickly find new technology developments — true digital transformation — aimed at improving the customer experience, helping Disney take in more of my hard-earned dollars, or reduce their costs. The Most Magical Place on Earth was among the first places to deploy mobile wireless food and gift [...]

Webinar Replay – Transforming the Customer Experience Through Digital Transformation – (Part 3 of 3)

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One of the top business goals for digital transformation is improving the customer experience—which ultimately leads to higher CSAT scores, better referrals, competitive advantage, and increased revenue. Technology leaders are uniquely positioned to resolve customer concerns and improve interactions with them. Digital transformation projects almost always have some customer-experience components to them, whether affecting internal [...]

Oracle Service Addresses Customer Experience Frustration

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One of the most promising announcements coming out of Oracle OpenWorld this week was Live Experience Cloud, which aims to transform the customer experience journey from one that is disjointed and time-consuming to one that is seamless and quick. Live Experience is a cloud-based service that lets companies add widgets into selected parts of a [...]

Headsets Emerging as Key Corporate Purchase

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Let’s talk headsets. Yes, headsets. With all the activity surrounding many emerging technologies, ranging from machine learning to collaboration to advanced networking, why headsets? They’re becoming increasingly more important to the daily life of employees, how they serve customers, and how they interact with others, either from the desktop or while mobile. What’s more, vendors [...]

Use it or Lose it! Why User Awareness and Adoption are Crucial to Digital Transformation

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Executive Summary When IT staffs finish installing a new application or service, the next action typically is not developing a marketing strategy to ensure employee or customer awareness and adoption. Rather, they may move onto the next item on their project list, and transition the new service into operational mode, focusing on break/fix, patches, [...]