Upcoming Webinar – Automation Maturity for Digital Transformation

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July 17, 2018 11am ET Register here Digital transformation relies first and foremost on responsiveness to changing needs and conditions. In order to meet the challenges of digital transformation, IT needs to embrace automation at every level--and in order to do that, IT needs to approach automation differently than it has in the past. Nemertes' [...]

Webinar Replay – UCC Series [Ep. 3]: Why are Collaboration Tools Vital to Top-Notch CX?

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Without a solid collaboration strategy, organizations are very unlikely to succeed at digital transformation initiatives, particularly those that involve improved customer experience. The "customer" may be internal or external to the company. This webinar reviews key data and real-world scenarios that show why collaboration tools enable customer experience improvements. We will address the following: What [...]

Webinar Replay – Joining the Cloud’s 1%: Adding Containers, Microservices, and DevOps

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Nemertes CIO and Principal Analyst, John Burke, discusses the key to achieving cloud speeds and cloud resilience: adopting cloud-friendly architectures and methodologies. John shows you where the pain points lie, and the technologies that can help you eliminate the problems. This webinar explores Nemertes' 2017-18 Cloud and Network Research Study data on: The shift to [...]

Cultural Transformation Central to Post-Bankruptcy Avaya

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Avaya’s new CEO Jim Chirico delivered an inspiring post-bankruptcy keynote at Avaya Engage today, with a focus on the company's changing culture. In addition to some news (Avaya plans to acquire Spoken Communications; will invest more in R&D, developed a new organizational structure, etc.), Chirico discussed the cultural change in place at Avaya. “Culture eats [...]

Webinar Replay – Digital Workplace

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Digital workplace initiatives broadly expand applications and customization available to employees. During this webinar, we cover: What is a digital workplace initiative, and the phases of deployment? What technologies and capabilities are included? Which vendors are the most critical? How soon will digital workplace initiatives incorporate artificial intelligence, human-to-machine interfaces, always-on collaboration, and other advanced [...]

Webinar Replay – IT Leader Panel Discussion – Battle for Enterprise Collaboration: Teams vs. Spark vs. Slack

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The world of communications and collaboration is transforming drastically. Rather than disjointed voice, video, IM, and document sharing tools, companies are moving toward team collaboration--Microsoft Teams, Cisco Spark, Slack, for the most part, in addition to RingCentral Glip, Avaya Equinox, and others. The big question: Which solution is the best for [...]

Webinar Replay – Turbocharge Customer Experience in Your Next Digital Transformation Initiative

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All the rage these days is about improving customer experience (CX). It's a cornerstone of any digital transformation strategy. But how, in practice, do companies do it? Which technologies are must-haves, particularly in the contact center, and which should be on the planning list? Nemertes Research has conducted an in-depth study tracking the digital transformation [...]

Bolstering Customer Experience

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Download Report Executive Summary Nearly 70% of companies cite “improving customer experience” as the business goal of their digital transformation projects. Several technologies can help improve customer experience, both inside and outside of the contact center. However, contact centers are the core for serving customers. Though most companies use voice and [...]

Customer Experience Metrics That Matter

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Nearly 70% of organizations cite improving customer experience as their key business goal in their digital transformation projects. But with any business goal, metrics are key to documenting success. Nemertes Digital Transformation Framework provides guidance. (See Figure below) Four high-level steps help set the stage for a successful transformation: Start with identification of the business [...]

Contact Center Advancements Crucial to Digital Transformation Success

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For the second straight year, improving customer experience is a top driver for digital transformation initiatives in our research. Though there are many ways to address and improve customers’ experience, the contact center is crucial to success. Voice remains the top channel in the contact center, but customer experience goes way beyond voice. Organizations are [...]