Rethink Your WAN to Survive the Next Five Years

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You need to rethink your WAN to survive the next 5 years. Nemertes can help show you how. Join John Burke, Nemertes CIO & Principal Research Analyst, for a webinar where he brings our WAN technology research study and freshly updated, one-of-a-kind cost and performance benchmarks to bear on the challenges of remaking your WAN to [...]

Upcoming Webinar – Cloud Truth & WAN Consequences: Remake your WAN for Zoom, AWS, and Office365

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February 28, 2019 11am ET Register here You need to rethink your WAN to survive the next 5 years. We can help show you how. Think about it: half of your IT services come from the cloud, from folks such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Office365, and Oracle Cloud. [...]

SD-WAN, Next-Gen Branches, DevOps and More: AT&T Summit 2018

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Not just a box: Firewall, router, SD-WAN, and WAN optimizer! AT&T's Universal CPE It’s always fun seeing something you’ve helped with reach fruition. So I was thrilled yesterday at the AT&T Summit to finally see the universal CPE (uCPE) device. AT&T has made the uCPE  a centerpiece of its Flexware in-net SD-WAN solution. [...]

Home Field Advantage: SD-WAN and MPLS

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I've been mulling over things I learned at the recent CenturyLink analyst day. I keep coming back to their pledge to not lose focus on the fact that they own a transport network, and to make sure that fact can provide differentiation when considering new products. I keep coming back to this mostly in the [...]

Webinar Replay – WAN Economics: The Business of Disrupting Your WAN

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Digital Transformation initiatives often hinge on providing new and exciting services to staff or to customers across the WAN and the Internet. Engineering a WAN for continuous and more rapid change is key to enabling ongoing transformational efforts. And yet, for most companies, the WAN is among the pieces of the infrastructure hardest to change, [...]

Cisco’s Viptela Acquisition Ups the Ante for SD-WAN Vendors (and Users)

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Cisco's recently announced decision to acquire SD-WAN provider Viptela for $610 million in cash and equity represents both a major validation of the SD-WAN technology space, and a thrown gauntlet to all other SD-WAN providers. Although Cisco has been heavily promoting its own iWAN SD-WAN technology, users have found iWAN to be cumbersome to manage [...]

Regional Network Hubs to the Rescue

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Regional network hubs are emerging as a major evolution of the WAN in the age of cloud. Backhaul or Direct Internet Access... Many years ago, as SaaS use ramped up, we started tracking whether organizations were backhauling their Internet traffic or allowing branches to go straight to the Internet. (We also were tracking Internet-only branches [...]

Webinar Replay- Still the WAN! Nemertes MPLS Rates and Service Benchmark

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SD-WAN may be the hot new thing but MPLS is still the backbone of the enterprise WAN, and will be for years to come. So we asked MPLS users to tell us about their services, their service providers, and their experiences. We'll look at real-world data on delivery times, costs, and how IT professionals rate [...]

MPLS huggers rejoice!

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In our 2016 Cloud and Networking Benchmark, Nemertes heard a lot of enthusiasm from early adopters of SD-WAN. And a healthy amount of caution. About 18% of organizations are deploying some flavor of SD-WAN. Mostly, they have been drawn in by twin promises: that SD-WAN will deliver them a better WAN—more reliable, resilient, and performant—and [...]