Webinar Replay – Connecting Clouds: Getting There is ALL the Battle

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The cloud-powered enterprise is powerful, flexible, agile -- and vulnerable. Its forgotten Achilles' Heel, for many organizations: the network. Using multiple clouds to juggle the work of the organization is now standard operating procedure, but a failure to take into account cloud's impact on WAN and Internet links, and to manage the flow of data [...]

Webinar Replay: The True Cost of Cloud

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Over 80% of companies have started the journey to cloud, drawn by the promise of extreme agility, business responsiveness, scalability, and reliability. By and large, cloud services live up to these promises, but at what cost? From our hot-off-the-presses 2017/2018 Cloud and Networking Benchmark and Maturity Model, you’ll find out what cloud migrations truly cost; [...]

MPLS huggers rejoice!

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In our 2016 Cloud and Networking Benchmark, Nemertes heard a lot of enthusiasm from early adopters of SD-WAN. And a healthy amount of caution. About 18% of organizations are deploying some flavor of SD-WAN. Mostly, they have been drawn in by twin promises: that SD-WAN will deliver them a better WAN—more reliable, resilient, and performant—and [...]