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Nemertes for IT Professionals

Nemertes Research specializes in assisting IT organizations at sophisticated Fortune 1000 companies domestically and internationally quantify the business impact of emerging technology. Our services help you make the right decision by leveraging benchmark data on costs, success factors, and adoption trends gathered from interviews with hundreds of global IT leaders. We establish a peer group, based on several characteristics, and show you how you compare with the group. We help our clients in the lifecycle of technology decisions that result in successful digital transformations. We create or validate any of the components below:

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"I need help creating or validating the business need driving digital transformation."
  • Interviews - Nemertes interviews your business leaders to identify requirements and opportunities that technology can address
  • Business Cases - We create catchy terminology and easy-to-understand descriptions of the use cases--focused not on technology, but on business need
  • User Profiles - Nemertes establishes groups of user profiles so you can segment employees by technology needs and deliver accordingly



"I need to make sure we have compelling and defensible financials for this project."
  • TCO and Cost Models - Leverage Nemertes' industry-leading Total Cost of Operations research to analyze the detailed changes in your cost structure by moving to a new architecture, technology or vendor. Analysis based on real-world data gathered from hundreds of IT organizations
  • Cost Data - Nemertes provides cost data for use in your own cost models, or we can build it for you



"I need objective insight into my technology strategy, provider selection, and how we compare to similar organizations."
  • Technology Evaluation - We evaluate your current state and technology options to meet business needs
  • Strategy and Roadmap - Nemertes develops technology strategies and roadmaps to guide your plan to meet business needs with the right technology and providers
  • Provider Selection - Our experts recommend a short list of vendors, based on your unique requirements. Assist with final provider selection, leveraging our research that includes detailed rankings, scorecards, customer loyalty metrics from companies who use the providers

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"I need my employees and customers to understand the value of the technology we offer--and actually use it!"
  • UAA Strategy Development - Nemertes evaluates your ability to increase awareness and adoption of new technologies. Based on our research on successful "marketing" initiatives, as well as nuances of your company, we develop a strategy to increasing your user awareness and adoption
  • Benchmarking - Nemertes conducts baseline assessments of your user adoption, employee requirements, training preferences, and more--and  measure improvements using sophisticated statistical analysis tools
  • Collateral - Nemertes produces collateral (blogs, reports, video clips) that help raise awareness and excitement about new technology deployments



"I need to make sure my processes, organization, and leadership skills change with my new technology strategy."
  • Process change - Leveraging the DevOps methodology, we help you establish processes that align with lean and agile development so you maintain effective and competitive
  • Organizational Review - Nemertes reviews your org chart and recommend the most efficient organizational structure
  • Coaching - Nemertes provides detailed and confidential advice to IT professionals and executives to elevate your success while raising the stature of IT or your department

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"I need data that compares us to successful companies so I can document we're headed in the right direction--or get budget so we can change paths."
  • Primary Research – Nemertes gathers data from organizations on numerous metrics
  • Maturity Models - Nemertes creates custom, research-based maturity models that plot your company's technology adoption, organizational structure, budget, and user adoption plans compared to successful companies
  • Customized Scorecards - Nemertes benchmarks whether your organization is behind, on par with, or ahead of similar companies