Technology & Business Leaders

Nemertes for Technology & Business Leaders

If you’re a technology or business leader at an enterprise organization seeking guidance on deploying emerging technology, you’ve come to the right place. Nemertes has been working for nearly two decades with companies like yours, providing insight into how to implement emerging technology to maximize benefits and minimize challenges.

Our services help you make the right decisions faster, while avoiding pitfalls. We base our recommendations on our industry expertise and on research data, refreshed regularly from interviews and surveys with hundreds of business and technology leaders globally. We capture data on costs, success factors, and best practices, and use them to provide guidance customized for you.

We help clients across the lifecycle of technology decisions:

Strategy & Roadmap

I’ve heard about Technology X and the benefits it can provide. What are the steps I need to take to implement it effectively, and in what order? How do I measure effectiveness?

In developing a technology strategy, Nemertes works closely with our clients to understand their unique challenges and goals. Then we develop a technology strategy that includes:

  • Clear Recommendations—We recommend organizational and operational practices for effectively leveraging technology.
  • Budgeting Guidelines—We provide rough-order-of-magnitude (ROM) guidance on how to budget for technology implementation and operations.
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies—We identify risks to success and provide mitigation strategies.
  • Technology Roadmaps—We provide detailed step-by-step blueprints for selecting and deploying technology.
  • Success Metrics—We assist in developing effective measures of success for technology deployment.

Assessment & Selection

Which technology providers are the best fit for my requirements? What should my selection criteria be? What are the meaningful differences between providers?

Nemertes provides a framework for assessing technology against our clients’ unique requirements, including:

  • Provider Taxonomy and Differentiation—We clarify differences between provider types and provide objective insight into the pros and cons of each.
  • RFP Template and Development—We provide RFP templates and work with clients to customize and issue them.
  • Weighted Scorecard Analysis­—We develop a customized, weighted scorecard for clients to impartially assess providers.
  • Cost Analysis and Comparison—We provide an analysis of the costs of solutions and assist clients in selecting the most cost-effective ones.
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Quantitative Models

How much will this project cost? How can I accurately plan for technology consumption? How do various technology scenarios compare cost-wise?

Nemertes works closely with clients to develop quantitative models to assist in making decisions, including:

  • TCO and Cost Models—We develop models based on real-world spending and operational data captured from hundreds of IT organizations.
  • Capacity Planning Tools—We create detailed capacity planning tools based on current and planned technology consumption to uncover the limits of technology solutions and justify investment.
  • Scenario Modeling—We develop and compare various scenarios against one another to help clients make decisions about where to locate resources, how to expand facilities, and which technologies to deploy.

Operational Benchmarking

I need to make sure my processes, organization, and leadership skills align with best practices.

Our data-driven Maturity Models enable us to compare clients’ operations with those of the most mature, successful organizations and recommend specific changes to improve maturity.

  • Operational Maturity Assessment—We assess the overall maturity of your operations and recommend specific changes
  • Staffing and Organizational Structure—We compare your staffing and organizational structure to those of highly successful organizations.
  • Process Review—We review your processes and recommend changes for streamlining and improvement,  including increasing agility and reducing outages or failures.
  • Performance Metrics–We provide performance metrics that enable you to compare operational performance with the most successful organizations.