Nemertes for Technology Providers

Nemertes Research provides research, reports, presentations, and advice to technology providers that quantifies the business impact of emerging technology. Our service helps vendors and service providers understand enterprise and SMB technology drivers, challenges, budgets, and strategies- both internationally and domestically. It also provides objective competitive analysis to help you position your products and services most effectively, and to help you develop roadmaps that align with future demands.
We create or validate any of the components below through our Research Advisory Service or a Consulting Project:

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"I want to promote objective thought leadership that aligns with our goals."
  • Reports and Blogs - Our experienced analysts draw upon their knowledge of the industry, forward-looking prognosis, and research to write thought-provoking issue papers, product and technology analysis, and blogs that may align with your messaging.
  • Webcasts - We develop compelling presentations and are experienced at delivering interesting, timely webcasts on hot topics. Often, we package these with reports and blogging.
  • Event Speaking - Nemertes analysts have spent years speaking at the hottest industry events, earning top ratings from audiences for great content and captivating delivery of the information.



"I need to know how our costs compare with competitors so we stay affordable."
  • TCO and Cost Models - Leverage Nemertes' industry-leading Total Cost of Ownership research to analyze how your implementation, capital, and operational costs compare to your competitors globally. Analysis based on real-world data gathered from hundreds of IT organizations.
  • Cost Data - Nemertes can provide cost data for use in your own cost models, as well.
  • Business Value Analysis - We conduct an analysis of your product or service by interviewing your customers and garnering quantitative data on the value they have experienced. We write a detailed report, including case studies of each customer, summary of value benefits, and comparison to Nemertes cost data when available.



"I need an expert to give me critical feedback about whether my messaging resonates, and if not, how to change it."
  • Presentation Review - We listen to your upcoming presentation, consider the audience, the news, and how it resonates based on our knowledge of competing products and enterprise demands. Then, we provide you pointed feedback on what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear.
  • Review of Marketing Materials - Nemertes reviews your marketing materials, whether it is your internal GTM strategy, evaluation of target customers, advertisements, or other documents. We provide feedback to make sure you're properly positioned.

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"I need a reputable firm to conduct research specific to my goals, so I can make internal decisions or promote the findings."
  • Project Development - Nemertes works with you to develop the hypotheses, questions, and interview/survey instrument. We then conduct the research, always with a combination of interviews and surveys.
  • Research Analysis - We analyze the findings and create a presentation, complete with targeted recommendations for your internal use.
  • Collateral - In some cases, Nemertes and the client agree that we will write reports or product webinars on the findings, which the client then licenses.
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