The Five Keys to Video Content Governance

Organizations are increasingly using video to communicate and collaborate.  Whether it’s streaming of live broadcasts like executive town halls, training, or other content, or recording of meetings for later playback, IT leaders are diligently working to meet rising demand for video streaming.  But in doing so, they must also support regulatory, legal, and policy requirements for managing video content to ensure proper security and support for governance requirements.   Given the myriad of ways that video can be created and shared, a proactive strategy is necessary to ensure success.  Absent such an approach, enterprise video assets are vulnerable to a wide range of threats including:

  • Unauthorized viewing and sharing
  • Sharing of inappropriate content
  • Leakage of intellectual property or sensitive communications
  • Sharing of unauthorized likenesses or logos
  • Lack of insight into where video content is stored
  • Inability to support compliance requirements for retention and storage

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