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Thought Leadership

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Our team comprises vibrant speakers, skilled writers, and charismatic presences on videos, webinars, and podcasts.

We provide authoritative, data-based insight into the business and operational impacts of emerging technologies and we have a commitment to excellence as communicators.

Enjoy this showcase of some of our work.

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Podcasts and Video Projects

September 1, 2022—How do XLAs (Experience Level Agreements) and SLAs (Service Level Agreements) compare, and how do you deliver on them?...

August 30, 2022—Is there a role for career mentors and coaches in modern IT ? We discuss the topic and establish some points...

August 25, 2022—How prevalent is chaos testing in the DCX world? We explain the ways small and large firms should address this crucial step an...

August 18, 2022—What are the infrastructure requirements of DCX? We explain the journey of building resilient applications and platforms...


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